Born out of Sheer Love for Textiles and Colours, and Cemented with a Deep Commitment to Support Artisans, Spatika Clothing was founded in the year 2010, by Neeraja Prasad and Prasad Sivaramakrishnan, both Chartered Accountants by Profession, with a passion to create a Space for Beautiful Clothing that could be worn by All.

The Amalgamation of Crafts and Textiles, Sustainability, Size Inclusivity and Realistic Pricing were the Founding Principles for Spatika.

The Brand Adopts Hand-made Processes such as Hand Spinning, Hand Weaving, Hand Block Printing, Hand Embroidery and Hand Dyeing using Natural Dyes.

All Products are Designed In-House by the Brand and Carefully Created in Limited Editions using Ethical and Sustainable Practices.