Making a difference in your work

A new-age design-driven ethnic outfits company called Spatika is on a quest to promote both modern materials and Indian textile techniques. In order to experiment with Saree, Suits, and any attires, to develop contemporary and elegantly curated collections of fabrics, our team works directly with craftsmen and manufacturers from around India. In the brief time that our firm has existed, it has become one of India's top online ethnic wear retailers. We provide convenience and reach to customers and independent designers across India and the world to buy from smaller to larger amounts because we are an online-first business.

We are a stand-alone company that was established by young professionals from various backgrounds. With fully operational internal teams overseeing sourcing, online merchandising, inventory management, customer assistance, content, branding, and photography, We have an open culture—and we mean it—and someone who is kind and well-organized will enjoy working with us.